Sunday, May 26, 2013


Effect Backlight,,     

some people use this effect

just to brighten the image,

or to make light of

dark image.,

be it in photoshop

and Photoscape.

But what if we

combine them in the form of

animated gif,,,,,

then the result is like this:

Want to know how to make it ...?

here's how:

1. have his photo Ok ..

    original image like this:


photo above natural and not in Edit,

because the key of the trick here.

This initial stage ..,

so let the natural picture Ok ...

Why ....??

when we go into the second animation

and in the backlight,

broke his picture and the picture so devastated.,

so once edit it.

like this,

this photo at-Edit by Maxart Gallery,

located in the Art Market,


2. Further right in.

     to the Photoscape page,

     Our new Backlight,

     the result:

    Start with the number 200,

    after the cuts,

    little by little ..


  then behind the numbers ..,

  starting from the number 10,

  proceed with a multiple of 40.

    example : 10,40,80,120 ...

    then save ok ...

 3. Last entry to animation gif,,

     at the top of the menu.

     stacking picture,

     set time in figure 25,

     and the position of no effect,

     then your picture will change

     like this:

     effect if use left,

     The results are:


Easy right ....??

if there are any questions,

leave your message,

in the comment box.

I will answer it as soon as possible.

Prior to closing,

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the goal for your photos

entry in this blog., 

Thanks ...

greetings Blogger

by. Yulia Karly


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    1. hehehe,,,
      ini salah satu trik biar artikelnya ga di copas.

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